Seasonal Rituals

Seasonal Rituals

Winter is always naturally a time when we retreat indoors. The wind may be howling and the rain pouring outside, but this doesn’t mean you should sit by the window and pine for warmer days. Rather, take this opportunity to enjoy spending time in your home, using the gloomy weather as an excuse to slow down and hibernate. Use this opportunity to enjoy rituals that you would usually rush through or neglect, allowing you to embrace the quietness of the beginning of the year. 

Learn to see the mundane anew, seeing the beauty in small moments that may usually pass you by. Something that you previously found dull can be transformed into an anticipated event if you slow it down. Life can be hectic at times, so it’s important to hit pause and make the most out of your personal rituals, giving you the chance to breathe and reflect. Don’t feel like you need to make time to slow down every single moment of your life; choose those rituals that you get the most pleasure out of and learn to savour them.


Every small moment can be stretched out and relished. Something as simple as brewing a cup of tea can turn into a slow pleasure if you focus your attention on it. Boil a kettle on the stove and use loose leaf tea, watching the colour of the water transform as the leaves unfurl. Sit down and savour each sip, taking a break from work or other distractions to simply enjoy your brew. Considered moments like this can become daily or weekly rituals that you look forward to.


Even the most mundane tasks can become treasured moments if you give them the time that they deserve. Making the bed is seen as a chore by many but can become something you look forward to each week. Not only does the feeling of fresh sheets feel welcoming and soothing, but refreshing your bed linen can completely transform your inner sanctuary. Don’t rush over this simple task; rather pay attention to detail and prepare a welcoming bed that will provide comfort and tranquillity.


Moments as simple as running a bath, lighting a candle, or tending the fire can become pleasurable if you take the time to appreciate them. Don’t rush through these simple tasks; pause and take note of how they awaken and nourish your senses. The soothing scent of a hot bath filled with salts and essential oils, the mesmerising flickering light of a candle, the warm embrace of a roaring fire – these are all sensations to pause and enjoy.


These small yet simple winter rituals help to restore ourselves while we’re waiting for nature to awaken. We need to take care of ourselves more than ever during the winter months, coating our skin in balms to sooth dry skin, filling our bellies with warm, nourishing foods and finding the light amongst the darkness. Develop your own routines that combat any negative feelings you associate with this time of year. Make soup from scratch once a week using nutritious seasonal vegetables, read in a low light for one hour each evening before bed, or treat yourself to luxurious home spa experiences using face masks, body oils and scrubs. Remember to take pleasure in these small moments, giving yourself a well earned break from reality.  

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