The OUBAS Story

əʊˌbɑːs : pronounced 'oo-bas'

Named after 'Oubas Hill', Ulverston, Cumbria.

We are passionate about producing knitwear in Britain.
Since 2012 we have been creating our own designs using the finest natural fibres.

OUBAS founder Kate Stalker with knitting machinery

Over the past couple of years I've trained in design programming and machine handling of the computerised knitting machinery we now have in the studio, meaning we are able to develop creatively and also in the quality of the items we create.

I’ve always loved history and felt connected to a sense of heritage locally in my area of Cumbria, and within Britain. The textile industry is so creative and so important.

I hoped we could work to alter that, not simply out of romance for our history but in embracing innovation and changing technologies, altering the way we purchase clothing and offering an alternative to global supply chains. Rebuilding community and an appreciation of our clothing and how it's made.


OUBAS knitwear designs appeal to those wanting subtle and understated elegance, with an appreciation of colour and detail. For those wanting to invest in pieces they will have in their wardrobe for a long time.

Learn more about our heritage here.
Our studio is open to the public if you would like to visit us.
Read more about the natural yarns used within our design process.

An old photogrpah of Oubas Hill and Hoad Monument, Ulverston

Oubas Hill and Hoad Monument, Ulverston