Our Heritage

"Cumbria has a unique draw, there are many silent places, calm places. Fresh water is important and since being a child I have swum in the fresh body of water found in Coniston. It has a cleansing ability and a connection to this has become a part of me. It’s home.

The landscapes and weather alter the atmosphere here so much, I almost love it more in the depths of winter, the inky silhouettes of the trees and mountains against a cold light."

- Kate, OUBAS founder.

An illustration of an industrial time chart for Cumbria

OUBAS began for a few different reasons, encouraged primarily by intuition and a desire to be a positive ripple within the fashion landscape.

Through OUBAS we offer an experience where a closer relationship with a clothing label can be enjoyed. A greater personal connection to an item of clothing is encouraged, through our limited run collections and transparent processes.

We have built something that is having a positive and lasting effect on employment in our local area, and the craft skills associated with knitwear and clothing.

A blue OUBAS knitted jumper beside lilac silk flowers, old photographs and a vintage notebook

We offer made-to-order, or small batch production for our ranges, which are all made in the studio in Ulverston. 

Our belief is in celebrating the different relationship that comes with an item of clothing that has been made especially for you, and being able to do that is something we are proud to offer through OUBAS. 

We continue to try to make a small positive difference, using local British wools, working with other businesses and projects who are creating a positive impact.