Creative Voices | Rosanna Morris

Creative Voices | Rosanna Morris

Rosanna Morris | South West England


The talented Rosanna Morris is a Printmaker and Illustrator based in the Southwest of England. She works primarily with relief printmaking and creates hand carved original prints that explore food sovereignty, natural biodiversity and our human connection to the land.

We chatted recently about her life and inspirations.


Tell us a little about your practice and how you found it, or how did it find you?

I've been addicted to the process of making relief prints since I was 18 years old. I came across giant wheatpaste prints whilst on a trip to Paris and got super excited about the idea of carving images and sharing them so publicly, it felt like a way of communicating that stepped passed the traditional system and took ideas into the hands of normal people. Ive been in love with the process ever since. 



 What are the most important tools and materials in your practise?

I couldn't be without my pfiel cutting tools, small wooden handled mushroom tools that carve my pieces. Also my hand built etching press bubulina, she was constructed by my partner 6 years ago and is a beast. She allows me to think outside the box and make larger prints.

What do you feel is important or most meaningful about craftsmanship in today’s world?

I've always been a big believer in the importance of craft, in the developing skills, not just concepts in the art world. It may be considered a bit nostalgic by contemporary art school thought but for me, craftsmanship and true dedication to a craft is what matters. There is so much of a throw away culture these days, everything is just a 3 second reel, a moment of interest before we move onto something else, its too much. It feels important to take time, to invest in skills and make things that really speak to the human connection. 



How do you balance work/life? Or not?!
Oh my its a struggle. I have three kids, a dog, an allotment and my partner also runs his own buisness. Spinning plates is an understatement, I often feel like i'm treading water and need to throw the towel in. But I also LOVE what I do, I love getting to be my own boss, and even though sometimes it feels like admin is taking over most of my life, the small moments where i get to make and put that out into the world feel worth it. so... in answer to your questions, there is little balance over here, but many many lists and i'm working through them.
What is the most exciting aspect to you of the regenerative movement?
I guess its hope, simply, hope that we might not be doomed in all of this. It feels me with hope and excitment that so many are moving towards regeneration and thinking of alternatives. 


How can craftsmanship be used to live a more a sustainable, kinder lifestyle?

I think i touched on it before, but in craftsmanship there is a necessary slowness, it takes time to build on craft, its not an app you can download, its slow sustained practice that gets you to the point of considered craftsmanship. Naturally throught that an appreciation of sustainability, and thus a kinder lifestyle is unavoidable to my mind. 

Where do you live, and how does this inform your work?

I live in a simple family home on the edge of a beautiful nature reserve in the urban metropolis of bristol. I love living at the intersection of nature and city and I think my work plays with this also. Playing with the longing we all feel for nature, human connection to it is at the root of all my work. 


What are you working on currently, and what are you hoping to do this year?

At the moment im embarking on a series of images that looks at diversity in all its forms from soil health to meadows. Im playing with the concept and how to communicate it with my audience and will be working on it over the next few months. 


Rosanna is wearing our Donegal Merino Sweater in Biscuit.





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