Our Studio

Our studio is based in Ulverston, which is in the South Lakes just outside the Lake District National Park.

Combining traditional craft with innovative knitwear technology, we create knitwear that lasts using the finest natural fibres.

We officially opened our studio to the public in October 2021, allowing you to visit the space where we operate, to ask questions, to connect to the complete design process and develop a greater connection to the heritage and future of our local area.

The studio also provides a space to host workshops and events - sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about these.

OUBAS space is open, airy, light, uplifting, calming, clean, bright. The studio is located in Ulverston, Cumbria, set within scenery abundant in beauty and industry history. Originally built in 1930’s to spin cashmere and wool, the old studio walls became a place to create employment for the local area during The Great Depression and we are proud to be breathing new life into the space in 2021.

From our studio we sketch, design and develop our OUBAS styles, as well as producing our knitwear in small batches. We pack each order from here too, so you know that when you receive it, it's come from our studio wrapped by us.

The atmosphere is cleansing and uplifting as there is natural light flooding into the workspace. We designed the layout of the space so that it would flow and be as open plan as possible. We have created separate spaces for the finishing of our pieces - the linking and hand finishing, and the office/ design area, so that we can focus on different processes in different areas. The showroom space at the front opens out into the workshop space, so that the making areas can be seen. This was really important to me as it creates real transparency between where our clothing is made and then where it is sold; we have shortened the distance between producer and consumer.

OUBAS founder Kate Stalker adjusting modern, industrial knitting machinery in the studio

OUBAS founder Kate Studio sat at a table drawing new knitwear designs

OUBAS, Number 4, Morecambe Road Business Park,
Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 9FU

If you wish to make an appointment with us, or would prefer a specific time with us to discuss a commission or a bespoke order, this can be arranged.

Email: hello@oubasknitwear.co.uk
Phone: 01539 521714

The Local Landscape

OUBAS model Holly stands in the foreground of Cumbria's landscape wearing grey and black knitwear

The diversity of the local land means that you can find yourself within a dramatic and vast valley, whilst being in close proximity to other areas that are more quaint and idyllic. The working landscape is not just farmed and managed; living ecosystems within it and the networks of shared skills can also be found here.

The south lakes area around Kendal is known for the woollen industry, the town has the slogan ‘wool is my bread’ and there is a lot of evidence of this around the town, as with many old market towns in England. There is also a Kendal green which was a colour derived from woad (blue) and dyers broom (yellow).

The industrial revolution happened earlier in Cumbria due to the industry which was already here - using so many natural resources from the land - bracken, stone, wool, linen/flax, iron ore.

OUBAS styles are very linked to the tones and shades found within nature nearby. Our connection to natural beauty means we use these colours in our knitwear, resulting in them being harmonious; the palette has a timeless quality to it. There are shades of mosses, lichens, stones, the brackens on the fell sides and the deep greens found in the local forests that come into the collections.

That connection and sense of place strengthens a bond to the landscape and nature that many of us seem to have lost.