Founder/Director Kate Stalker



In 2012 I founded OUBAS, from a spare room at home with an old reconditioned hand-flat knitting machine, I started the collection with a range of four scarves. I was passionate about having a positive effect on the clothing industry, and about trying to work against the impact fast fashion and industrial production was having on people and on the planet.


The name OUBAS is from the name Oubas Hill, which is an area of my hometown of Ulverston here in Cumbria where I founded the label. Bringing clothing production home to my locality. Reimagining the way we could produce clothing.


Oubas Hill and Hoad Monument, Ulverston


We work exclusively with ethically sourced materials from leading mills and spinners. Creating timeless wardrobe pieces that transcend the seasons and become favourite items in your wardrobe. Rebuilding a relationship with how our clothes are made.


Over the past 8 years we have been producing knitwear here in the UK. Collaborating with family UK mills to create our items. This year, in 2021, we have expanded our workshop in Cumbria and are bringing our production under one roof here in Ulverston. Making more to order, and creating a space which you can visit to discover how our pieces are made.



Each OUBAS piece begins life in our Cumbrian workshop, where we sketch, swatch and sample to develop our knitted pieces. We use both traditional hand-flat knitting machines as well as innovative digital knitting machines to create items of good quality which will last and endure.


OUBAS knitwear is crafted with integrity and care; a creative reflection of Cumbria and the English Lake District’s artisanal history.
Our ethos is one of simple and sustainable luxury, honouring artisans and our environment.


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