Knitwear For Your Late Summer Wardrobe

Knitwear For Your Late Summer Wardrobe

Knitwear may not be the first garment that comes to mind when choosing your late-summer wardrobe...however with the right vision and our elegant styles, these contrasting concepts have the power to work in perfect harmony.


British summers often feel like a far cry from the romanticised haze of clear blue skies and sun-kissed skin. Our weather is unpredictable and somewhat unforgiving, serene sunshine can soon turn into a sea of grey, as the heavens open and quite literally dampen your sun-fuelled adventures.


However, lightweight knitwear is the perfect companion for this fickle season. The natural fibres within our garments are exceptionally breathable, providing gentle shielding during the colder moments and offering protection from overheating in warmer times. Aesthetically, knitwear can also be a simple way to add depth and intrigue to your summer outfits, an opportunity to add pleasant hues and tactile textures, no matter your plans.

Geelong Lambswool Wrap Cardigan in Haar


Looking to nature’s colour palette, the hues of summer are far lighter and more serene than those of its autumn and winter counterparts. Light blue is a firm summer favourite, conjuring images of cloudless skies and pale waves crashing gently into the shore. Our Geelong Lambswool Wrap Cardigan in shade Haar contains just enough blue within the sea fog grey tones, to beautifully compliment the season. Falling slightly higher at the front, than at the back, the piece drapes across the shoulders to create an elegant silhouette. 


Knitted on a fine knitting machine using a one-ply wool, the cardigan is light yet luxurious, protective but with a barely-there-feel. Pair this item with a floaty summer dress and your favourite sandals for a romantic, yet undone feeling.


Donegal Merino Wool Ribbed Wrap/ Poncho in Graphite


Nothing cries summer like sandy beach days; as blissful slow afternoons transform into spontaneous evenings as we watch the sun setting gracefully over the horizon. Even in the depths of summer, we relish a soft breeze by the sea. However, as the sea heats up much slower than land, this creates a low-pressure zone across the beach, and a high-pressure zone across the water, meaning it can be difficult to know what to wear.


Our Donegal Merino Wool Ribbed Wrap/Poncho provides a beautiful protective shield during long beachy strolls, no matter the summer weather. Spun and dyed in Donegal, Ireland, the natural earthy tones are reminiscent of the rocky shades found along the beach itself. This weighty poncho looks charming when contrasted with delicate summer pieces, adding a touch of class to even the most relaxed outings.



Merino Lambswool Brant Wrap in Denim


With a lightweight and luxurious feel, our Merino Lambswool Brant Wrap drapes around your shoulders just as the cool summer nights draw in. This particular piece has been in the collection since our very first season and remains a treasured favourite.


Made from 100% wool, dyed and spun in Scotland, the piece is then knit in England and is available in an array of rich, vibrant colours, each one adding subtle yet stylish colour to your outfit. With the warmth of the wool and a floaty feel, this non-allergenic and delicate fabric will feel like a second skin.

Discover our range and find the perfect piece of luxury knitwear for your late-summer wardrobe.


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