We work to create beautiful and timeless knitted pieces from natural fibres, in a process which gives value to craftsmanship. We believe in longevity over seasonality, and in slowing down within this ever quickening world.
We take the time to design and develop, taking our inspiration from the simple perfections and imperfections found in nature and our surroundings.
We design pieces which are beyond the throwaway aesthetic and short lived trends. We are inspired by the days of local tailors, weavers and spinners. We enjoy meeting customers and letting them discover how their clothing is made.




Oubas Knitwear values made in Britain; drawing on the rich history and heritage that surrounds us on the British Isles to bring contemporary products with high end craftsmanship and attention to detail. In a world of global trade and supply chains, we find calm and sanctuary in the valuable practise of thoughtful design, making and then connecting directly with you, our customers.
The pieces made in Scottish mills draw on years of expertise of working with the fibres we use, and we work closely with their designers and technicians to realise together the best products, made in Britain.




We use carefully sourced high grade yarns and take time to develop each piece, sampling, refining and hand finishing to deliver a product which sets us apart. Using the finest yarns from Italian and British yarn mills, with a strong sense of provenance and transparancy of manufacture. The wool we use is Merino Lambswool, chosen for it's fine micron count, giving the most luxurious handfeel. The majority of our colours are melange, meaning there are between 5 and 6 different shades of fleece in each yarn, which are dyed first before the yarn is spun. This creates a beautiful depth of tone within the knit.


Our collections are designed for people who are inspired by us, by design, and the founding principles and ethos behind Oubas.