Wear OUBAS knowing what you’re wearing. Honesty is our ethos and we make no secret of the materials involved, where they come from, and the level of craftsmanship involved.

The mills we select for our knitting yarns are carefully chosen for their expertise in spinning the best quality wools and yarns. From raw fleece, sorting, carding, dyeing, through to spinning, we are transparent and open with you.

We primarily use Merino Lambswool in our products, the benefits of which include:
Moisture and temperature controlled
Oubas Our Yarns

Geelong Lambswool is the finest micron lambswool (the measurement used to express the diameter of wool fibre) and has a luxurious handle similar to that of Cashmere. Geelong is among the softest lamb wools in the world, providing an elegant, comfortable feel, while the woollen spinning process provides warmth with lighter weight. 

Our Geelong Lambswool mills are based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and Yorkshire, England.
An original Donegal yarn, carded, dyed, blended and spun in Donegal, Ireland. This traditionally spun Merino yarn allows the wool to keep its natural airy character, making it perfect for many types of knitwear. 
We are licensed to issue a 'Certificate of Origin' card with each piece of our Donegal knitwear; proving its heritage and guaranteeing that the product you purchase contains the genuine, unique, natural and original 'Donegal'.

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