Final Christmas Order Dates 2021

Final Christmas Order Dates 2021

In two weeks time we will experience Yule, otherwise known as Winter Solstice, where the longest night of the year marks the peak of autumn/winter darkness and the relief of light beginning to return once again.

A tradition from ancient times that has continued into modern day, the act of gift giving was thought to originally pay homage to the re-birth of the sun, a celebration of its return.

Whether you are treating a loved one or yourself this season, we hope it will be something to treasure for years to come.


If you are gifting OUBAS, please note our final order dates before Christmas:

Pre-orders for clothing pieces:
Wednesday 15th December

For all our accessories (in stock):
Tuesday 21st December

We suggest placing orders as early as possible - please be mindful of seasonal postal delays as we cannot guarantee Royal Mail’s service.

 We offer gift wrapping and orders can be sent directly with a personalized, handwritten message. 

Exchanges and returns have been extended to January 14th 2022.
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