Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Shoot : Behind The Scenes

August 2017


For our 2017 campaign shoot, I collaborated with stylist Tom Leeper, photographer Rachel Hayton, and model Rowan Swanson to create visuals for our winter knitwear season.


The Moor sits above my hometown of Ulverston here in Cumbria, and looks in one direction out across the estuary of Morecambe Bay, and in the other up to the Lake District fells.
Before shooting I put together outfits featuring our key pieces; starting with a garment and then styling with accessories and building a story. Ensuring a balance in tone and shade within the outfits, and making sure we didn't cross shoot with the same items or shades.


When I designed this season, I looked closely at the shades to pick for the accessories and within the Donegal Merino wool, pulling out the accent colours in the flecks in the shades I then chose for our gloves and head wraps.


There are always certain shades I find work best to shoot against the landscapes here in Cumbria. Deep rich greens and oranges worked well this season against the moorland and heather.




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